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Interested in MUN at ETHS? Read below to find out more about the ETHS MUN program!

El Toro MUN Board

Congratulations to everyone who got in. We are excited to have you be a part of the board.

El Toro Novice Conference Chairs

Congratulations to everyone who got in. We are excited to see you chair in our novice conference next school year.

Model United Nations, or MUN for short, is a simulation of the famed international organization, the United Nations. High school students from around the nation represent different countries and debate world issues, competing against other schools, both within their geographic area and from all over the world. But it does not stop there! Model United Nations provides a forum for young people from an assortment of backgrounds and from around the country to interact and to get to know each other in healthy competition. MUN has it all!

At ETHS, MUN provides an invaluable experience that helps to expand a student’s sphere of knowledge and develop an understanding of different cultures and prevalent issues across the globe. It provides valuable skills required to thrive in our ever-changing and globally dependent world, including research, compromise, problem-solving and public speaking abilities.

Students enrolled in ETHS's MUN program are better prepared for the AP Capstone program. They have the skills necessary to be successful in AP Capstone and are ahead of other students in the AP Capstone program.

MUN Classes offered:

9th grade - Cultural Geography Honors/MUN

10th grade/11th grade - World History Honors/MUN or US History Honors/MUN

12th grade - AP Research/MUN

Is MUN a club or a class?

MUN is both a club and a class! Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior MUN students take an academic class on campus as part of the MUN program for an honors grade. As an on campus club, El Toro MUN students participate in conferences with neighboring high schools. MUN holds events, fund raises, and participates in school-wide club events.

How is MUN different from a college prep class?

MUN focuses not only on teaching the California state content standards for history and social science, but also focuses on developing research. writing and speaking skills. MUN students are uniquely prepared for advanced college level work and research and excel in advanced placement programs in other subject areas, such as the AP Capstone Program.

How is MUN different from AP Classes?

Unlike AP classes, MUN classes are not geared toward taking a test at the end of the academic year. Because students and teachers do not spend time preparing for this test there is greater opportunity to explore historical topics in more depth, participate in research and writing, and hold classroom discussions. While a main focus of many AP classes is lecture, necessitated by the test, MUN teachers have more freedom to encourage discussion and debate and create more interactive classroom lessons and activities. Like AP, MUN receives a weighted honors grade and recognition by universities across the nation.

What are other benefits of being in MUN?

As well as the academic and educational benefits, MUN students form a tight-knit community and make lasting friends in the program. A number of club socials help promote club-wide and inter-class unity, setting MUN apart from many other campus clubs. A wide range of leadership opportunities are available to students who participate in the club and the class, and seniors who participate for four years get special recognition at graduation.

What are the requirements for being in MUN?

MUN students must have good grades in both English and History, attend two weekend conferences each semester, and be willing and open-minded participants in class discussions. Ideal MUN students are those who take a genuine interest in history, foreign affairs, and current events and must have the self motivation to complete academically rigorous coursework and extracurricular commitments.

Will I have time for other activities & MUN?

Yes! While MUN is academically rigorous and can be especially time consuming around conferences, most of our students are leaders and members of other activities and clubs on campus while still fulfilling MUN requirements. Our students participate in sports, band, orchestra, yearbook, ASB, journalism, video production, and drama on campus, as well as being involved in church activities, scouting, club sports, and work outside of school.